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Monday, February 06, 2017

Furry Pondering

MARLEY:  After my picture on Mancat Monday, I (and TBT) am wondering iffen I might actually be a calico dude.  I mean, the black smudge on my cheek isnt much, but there is also a slight patch unner my eye.
We looked it up, and we think I am.  That would make me a bit unusual, but we dont know enough about that.  I asked the vet last time I was there and he said he dint know about that kind of stuff.

Now, it doesnt really matter a whole lot.  I am happy here anny way and TBT says Im special no matter.  But does annyone know more about this stuff?  We dont have cat clubs around here ta ask.

Its all just curiosity, but you know what curiosity is to us cats...

Truth to tell, there is Ayla the all papered Meezer, and Iza, the papered Meezer who found out she was a Tonkinese (which was SO cool), so Im wonderin about ME!  I'd like ta be officially special in SOME way.