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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Caturday Saturday About Freaky Friday

Well, you will remember that yesserday TBT  took out all the PTUs and we were thinking he did that to trick us into thinking we were going to the VET at night.  He fooled us AGAIN!

Around midafternoon, we were are napping after a good 2nd lunch and he caught us in rooms where there is no place to hide.  He closed the doors quietly... 

Next thing we knew, we were being stroked and gentley lifted onto his shoulder (one at a time, of course) and brought to the PTU.  We each have our own PTU.  It's sort of like Gingerlocks and The 3 Cats. You know the story.  The Cats have their own-sized foodbowls, napping chairs and beds.

But the story changes when we cats end up in the PTUs and dragged off to the VET.  At 3 o'clock, we were there.  We were not thrilled, but we are getting used to it.  We can't beat him at this game, the VET visit is inevitable, and we allus return home. 

But this time, there were some improvements!  The place is redesigned and nicer...  It used to be wooden benches and linoleum floor.  Not like we care much about that, but TBT does and well, fine...
The flowers are plastic, of course...
So there we were, lined up all in a row.
Then in the Exam Room...
To our shock (and pleasant surprise), Dr Jeffrey didnt do the temperature probe thing.  Apparently, he and the other Vet Coven Members decided it was too stressful and should only be done when we seem ill.  And there are some shots we didnt get this time because they also decided that they didnt werk well enough.

Anny visit with fewer stabbies is good fer US!

On the other paw (literally) we got clippy-clawed.  That happened last time too.  TBT is reluctant (and inept) so he had the VET do it.  He says he is gonna do it hisself in the future. 
We bet he cant.  It took the Vet and his Helper to do it.  But he says we might be surprised, as he did it on Cats Who Came Before.  He is betting he can; we are betting on seeing his blood in the attempt...

The bad news is that we all have to go back sometime soon fer teeth-cleaning and fer them to steal some blood and look at it.  Maybe even some other stuff.  We are getting older, and TBT says that means we need more care. 

The good news is that apparently the one day visit means we will live longer heathier lives and we and TBT sure want THAT!