Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine's Day, Part 2

IZA"Tanta est enim caritas Spitty debeo epistulam III partes".  Forgive the fancy Latin, but TBT said I should start out all sophisticated. 

First, I am SO thrilled to see that My Darling Spittikins chose to post my award-winning poem to him on his blog.  I have made some slight corrections and format from the original, on advice from others to also post here:


How do I love thee?  Let me count the ways…

I love thee as I love my meals, warm and soft.

I love thee as I love my rattelly toys, noisey and whapable.

I love thee as I love a warm pillow soft and quiet.

I love thee as I love Birdie TV and Fishie TV and  Skwerl TV.

I love thee as  My Protector In the Halloween Adventure.

I love thee as dearly as the deer love to graze on the hostas and azaleas in the front yard.

I love thee as I love My meal, My litterbox when it is clean, and  the warm waterbed.

I love thee as I love the birdies that hit our deck door and wait for me to get out there.

And I love thee Furs of deepest Black, Shining eyes, Claws of sharpness, and deepest mancat mystery…

In my thoughts and in my dreams Thee constant comes; and in between I dream of thee.

In fact, and I’ll say this my King I even did this TWICE. 
Cuz the first version got deleted when TBT furgot to save, and that wasn’t very nice!


Second, I want to thank Spittikins for The Lovely Email Card he also sent.  It was quite amazing!  As each letter of "Valentine" appeared at the top, a flower starting with the same letter was added to a bouquet below.  And the bouquet ended up shaped like a HEART!  I was positively fainty by the end.  And then there was a message that followed that I will keep to myself.  Spitty is SO romantic.

Third, I want to show some pictures of Dearest Spittikins and me over the years...

This is a picture of us hot-air ballooning over Washington DC on one visit.   Well, before the balloon was attached.  The photogragher said he couldn't very well take anny pictures when we were up.
 This is one of 2 pictures of Goth decorations Spitty gave me when I was younger and really into that.
 This is the other.  Isnt it BOOTIFUL?
We drove around once in his Furrari .  THAT was a special day!
 And last, a little graphic I made one day after a great time together!  I love him SO much.  Hearts appear in my mind whenever I think of him...

Valentine's Day