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Monday, February 20, 2017

Monday Mayhem

Well, we really messed our posts up this weekend!  Its all TBT's fault, of course.  We do our posts as best we can, but he is SUPPOSED to fix things up.  Like WE are sposed to know that the puter wouldn't know which day we wanted the posts ta show up? 

Annyway, WE wrote several posts to show up in the future cuz TBT said the weekend was gonna be wunnerful warm and we wanted ta spent the whole weekend outside running around and napping in the warms.  But NO, they all showed up a once on Friday and we werent on the puter ta notice.

So while we wre trying ta figure out how to apologize fer that, we got an email from our speccatular Aunt Susie with a fabulous cartoon in it just fer US!

Look and laff!
Iffen WE ever have ta get jobs, that is where we want to werk...