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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Unhappy Caturday

MARLEY:  Its a good thing TBT warned us in the morning that a storm was coming our way.  When he thought it was near, he called us all in, so I got some good last rolls.

And it was a good thing he did.  The weather went completely horrible, and it wasn't too good inside either.

The rain started, and we are used to that, but then ice-rocks fell from the sky.  Not little ones like kibbles like HAS happened once or twice, but big ones like marbles.  And they beat against the house so hard the house was vibrating!  We aren't sure TBT could feel THAT part but we all went to our safest-feeling placing.

Mine is down in the basement unner the stairs.  I think Ayla was unner the bed.  Iza is nuts; she watched it all sitting on the cat tree.  There is a fine line between stupid and brave and I don't know which side she is on sometimes.

And then all the lights went off.  OK, that doesn't bother us as much as it does TBT, we can see better in dimness than he can.  But that's NOT supposed ta happen.  So it bothered us.  It lasted DAYS!  [3 hours, TBT]

And then ice cubes fell from the sky!!!  We stayed hidden until the lights came back on.  Oh sure, TBT came around looking fer us for reassurance, but we stayed hidden.  We love him, but survival comes first!

When it stopped we all came out ta look.  We were shocked!

We dont wanna see THAT stuff again!