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Thursday, March 02, 2017

Dr Seuss Day

Twas on Fur-fur day
When our wondrous eyes
Did espy 
A Seuss Cat
Wandring by!

We beckoned him in
Never fearing the worst,

When he showed us the
Worst of the Best
And the Best of the Worst.

This should not be what happens on
The best of the worst
Or the worst of the best.
Or the first of the first.

And that what not all
Of the rest.

He came with a hat.
That furball know-it-all.  
Did what he did
But he did it all 
So we did what he bid.

I tried on the hat.
It did nothing for me. 

I might as well
Worn a leaf from a tree.

There is some skill to it, but
Between you and me!

That Cat in the Hat is
As dumb as a tree.

Yet he ate my food, and played
With my toys,
so I whapped him good 
And said with some Noise.

Go away Cat in Hat,
Go away righty now.
Or I'll bite yer ears,
And where you Meow.

And has he escaped my good 
Claws sharp and bright, 
I made sure  he'd remember
With day with some fright.

You don't come around Iza
Snarky and bright
Without leaving fast in some 
Whaps and some fright!

The moral of the story is DON'T try ta dress me up with hats or annything else!

Unless its Goth.