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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Almost Werdless Wensday

MARLEY:  Well, TBT has been kind of busy with the computer problems, so he hasn't been very good about taking pictures of us.  This is about the last I have and they arent very good.  TBT took it almost all the way across the yard while I was sitting waiting for some mousie movement or noise.  So I suppose it is a good one given the distance...
I'm VERY patient...
TBT should pay attention to that.  He is NOT very patient. 

The new puter arrived last night but he cant do anything with it yet.  The monitor he has doesn't fit with it. 

But he is gonna keep a running dialogue on his own bloggie at Cavebear's Lair where he will keep evryone updated about the joys of changing from a Mac to a PC.

WE will probably spend a couple days napping.