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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

We Have Pictures

Granted, they are from March 14th when we were all snowy. But they ARE pictures again. 

Enjoy the snowy stuff.  We have pictures of US fer tomorrow...

We have better catly pictires fot tomorrow. Ee can hardly wait.

Happy Monday

Hurray, TBT decided to just get a better version of his old Mac computer!   Stuff he unnerstands...

We are tired of being off the computer, no pictures, etc, etc, etc.  He says it will take 3 days and nights for the new Mac to get here, so we will have to wait.  But he is going to set up the old Mac again, so mebbe we can process the new pictures he took today and those will last til the new puter arrives.

Hang in there, we ARE returning soon...

And see TBTs blog for details.  You can read his blog for details.

We aren't much into the details...   MOL!