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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Werdy Wensday

AYLA:  Yesserday was nice.  We could tell it was warm out cuz we press our noses against the glass (you should see all the noseprints).  So we were all ready ta go out.
But of course we have ta wait fer TBT.  He can do the release trick.  We cant.  Marley can just reach it, but he hasnt figured out what to do with it.  TBT tells us not ta bother trying as it takes a thumb.  We are all proud ta be cats of course, but there ARE times being a ape like TBT has advantages!
But he opened the door and we all went out.  Marley was off like a shot to the mousie areas.  Iza appreciates the mat TBT put out there to stretch our claws.  She uses it going out, Marley uses it coming in, I never bother with it.
Cuz I want to get up on the rails fast!  Iza seldom gets up there and Marley can but he is out on the lawn.  So its MY special place ta sit and watch the birdies and such.
So we all had a good time outside.  After an hour, TBT called us back in fer Second Breakfast.  We always come when called.  I mean, who wants to miss Second Breakfast?  Or First or Second Lunch or First Dinner?  We are always already in fer Second Dinner cuz it is after dark.

Our new smarter computer arrives later today sometime.  TBT HOPES it won't take long to get it working because there is some little "migration assistant" creature inside the computer that makes that easy Mac to Mac.  But ya never know...  It might be dizzy after being tossed around in the delivery box fer 2 days.