Saturday, March 25, 2017

Caturday Saturday

AYLA:  We are SO thrilled to have photos again!  Today is last night's bedroom pictures.  Marley was snoozing on the blanket at first.
Iza always wants to get unner the covers.  She is clawy on TBT, so he usually manages to get her napping close but not ON him these days.  
 Actually, they tend ta sleep butt-to-butt, but we cropped the pictures to spare you that part.
Marley never likes actually sleeping ON TBT, so he is always welcome.  And he gets along just fine with Iza.
I mostly stay on the top of the covers.  When I get unner (and I do mostly once per night),  I tend to put my paws on his tummy and I have "happy claws"!  So after about 10 minutes, he is trying to move away and I get back ON the covers.
Its my natural spot annyways.  I like to be up ON things more than unner things...