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Sunday, March 26, 2017


IZA:  Wow, we got our regular shipment from our Chewy friends, and couldnt believe all the damaged cans!  Almost every single can was damaged.  These are the worst, that showed up on camera best...
TBT emailed them about it with pictures and Chewy is good folks; they are sending a WHOLE new shipment and they sent a free shipping label asking us to return the damaged cans so they could try ta figure out what happened.

They are concerned because TBT told them the shipping box is completely undamaged, each cardboard trays the cans came in show no damage, but the cans came from 2 differnt companies so it probly dint happen THERE.  That leaves THEM as the likely cause.  We will leave that ta them ta figure out.

We are 150% happy that they are replacing all the cans.  TBT will throw out the ones he isnt shipping back with minor damage, just "in case" there is something wrong with those too. 

I mean, *Im* the one who will eat ANNYTHING, but TBT wont take a chance on THESE cans. 
I DO want ta repeat though that we are VERY happy with how Chewy responded to the damage.