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Monday, March 27, 2017

Monday Response To Comments

IZA:  There were some comments yesserday about how complexicated our sleeping arrangements are.  We should explain...

Its not complexicated, we all know where we want to be at night (or whenever TBT decides ta sleep - its variable) and how TBT will react.  Ayla mostly likes thick towels or folded blankies to sleep on (Princess and the Pea syndrome).  I like corners on the waterbed cuz there is less movement there when TBT tosses and turns (I an VERY smart).  Marley sleeps annywhere, but he is often unner the waterbed overhanging edges cuz he feels "caves" are safer.

We all take turns at the open dresser drawer.  TBT keeps a small bath carpet on his stuff in that drawer.  He doesnt mind our fur, but sometimes too much is a problem for him.  He throws the bath carpet in the washer with towels and stuff.   He says you should SEE the lint basket in the dryer when he does THAT.  And he allus looks fer whiskers before the washing.

He is OBSESSED with our whiskers...  Sometimes we are baffled by that, but when he dumps out the container, we ARE amazed ourselfs.  So many!

Unner the covers, Marley likes being near TBT but not on him, because he doesnt like being moved.  I drape over TBT but I'm very movable and TBT usually wraps an arm around me til I fall asleep and then Im good for the whole night.  Ayla wakes up at dawn and wanders around the house carrying a milk ring merfing her way around the house.

TBT says that when the rest of us are unner the blankies, she fears she is alone and abandoned.  *I* think she just likes ta talk a lot.  Marley thinks she is just looking for attention.  NONE of us know why she carries the milk rings around in early morning.  Ayla just says "I like to".

Its just one of those "meezer" things.

Now, I unnerstand that each post should have a picture or 2.   I couldnt think of anny that applied here that weren't the ones we posted yesserday, so here are a few random ones from the past.