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Monday, April 03, 2017

Foodcat Mancat Monday

MARLEY:  Ayla eats slowly in the bedroom up on the top of the shoe rack as protection from Iza.  Iza will eat as much as is available every time but she can't jump up there. 

Even *I* need some food protection by TBT sometimes as she will come and nosedive right into MY bowl.  At least she does respond to a firm "IZA!" from TBT and goes back to her own bowl. 

TBT has slowed Iza's eating speed some by smearing hers around the edges of the bowl.  And that's why we get 6 smaller meals per day.  Iza eats a "normal amount" an she throws up.  So we have had to adjust.  Well, 6 meals a day is pretty good.  And TBT sneaks me larger portions cuz Im bigger. 

He checks our weight each week.  Like, a few weeks ago, we had each lost 2 ounces so he upped the feeding.  Its a tricky game.  He wants us full happy, but not belly-rubbing the ground (like Iza is close to).

Iza used to be 11 pounds; she is 10.5 now.  I used to weigh 12.5 once now it is 12.2, so I am getting a extra meal when Iza is outside.  Ayla just stays at 6.5 pounds all the time.  She eats only what she needs.  TBT cant convince her ta eat more and he sure doesnt want her ta eat less.

Im starting ta get closer ta 12.5 again.  My PURRFECT weight.

But that's why we have a 1st an 2nd breakfast, a 1st an 2nd lunch, an a 1st and 2nd dinner.  An sometimes a bedtime meal. 

BTW, when TBT mentioned we kitties got some steak the other day, he meant it was pieces large enough to CARRY AWAY!  And we did.  And we loved it!  We all went to different places and none of us bothered the others.  We all chewed away on our own.

But there has to be a kitty picture, and I choose...