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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Garden Tour Thursday

MARLEY:  Welcome to our First Garden Tour Of The Season!  Im dfoing it today cuz Iza has been "hoggin the bloggin" lately...  Im tiptoing through the tulips  here, but let me join you up on the deck to start the tour.
Here is the view from the deck.  You can see the Spring Bulb Bed really good from up here.  Those are 2 kinds of Daffodils toward the back, Tulips around the front, and Hyacinths on the left.  The Daffodils are fading now, the Hyacinths are gone and the Tulips are just starting.
 Now lets see them up close.  The Tulips are very pretty.  There are 4 kinds and these are the earliest.
There are a few Daffodils still blooming nicely where it was shadiest and they started later than the others.  This one has multiple flowers on a single stem.  I dint know Daffodils did that.
This one has a pretty yellow and peach center.
I like this one a lot.  It is very colorful.
This one is colorful too and the center is very big!
Now lets go back up on the deck and have some snacks.  I hope the Sisfurs have come up with something special fer our first tour of the year. 

Wow, Sardines!  I dont think we have ever had those on the tour bedore.  And lets see...  Chickie broth and and fresh Nip leafs (first of the year)...  And some chicken bits fer those who dont like fishies!

Thanks so much fer comin on our Garden Tour!