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Friday, April 21, 2017

Freaky Friday

AYLA:  TBT brought home a lamb leg.  That was pretty cool. We have never seen one.
The lamb bone is bigger than we thought.  OK, we SUPPOSED Lambs were like rabbits.
I attacked it first and best.
But I couldn't even lift it to run away and hide with it.  Lambs are apparently HUGE!
I gave it my best gnawings, and there WAS meat on the bone.
Gnaw, Gnaw, Gnaw...
I werked it over pretty good...
But it wasn't like a real meal.  
I kept gnawing and licking at it though.
 Gnaw, gnaw, gnaw...
I finally gave up though.  Too much werk.  TBT finally gave us a can of duck...