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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:  Welcome to our Garden Tour this week!  We are transitioning from Spring to Summer here.  Here are the last of the Tulips...
And the last of the Daffodils.
Proof that we are entering Summer...  The male Goldfinches are all colored up to show off for the females.
Meanwhile, the veggie garden has gotten started.   TBT plants small crops in square foot patches.  It makes it hard for the insects to find their favorite plants.  Plus, evry time he harvests a square foot patch, something new goes right in.  No wasted spaces!
The Snow Peas have a little cage to climb up.
These radishes grow fast.  These are the little round red ones.
Carrots are slower.  They wont be much for a couple of months.
Tomato seedlings are looking nice.  
We have these tree saplings sharing the garden this year.  There are 2 Sourwoods and 3 Dogwoods.  They are for spots in the backyard, but the spots are still covered with wild brambles TBT dint get around to clearing last Winter (and hasnt yet).
The first flowers in the new wildflower bed are blooming.  They are small, but something had to bloom first I guess.  We dont know the name of it, but there are about a dozen of them.  Lots of other kinds are developing buds.
The Spring-Flowering Almond shrub looks nice.  And it cascades over LCs memorial spot very nicely.
This is a Columbine.  There are a dozen of them, but they are kind of scatterred around.  TBT is going to move them to a shadier place this Fall and add another dozen he has in pots from seed.
This is just a weed in the lawn, but it looks pretty.  We think it is a Buttercup.
Finally, here is our main Nip patch.  Feel free ta chew on a few leafs.  We have PLENTY!
Now lets all sit around in a nice shady spot on the soft grass and have some snacks!  After all that walking around, we can use some.  Lets see, we have...  minced chickie breast with minced bacon, and some Meowgaritas (milk for kittens)!

Thank you all so much for coming along on the Garden Tour today!