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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Easy Like Sunday

IZA:  Our rule is "see towel, lay on it"!  TBT folded up a towel to support a sore knee, and when he shifted position and set it aside, I was right up on it! 
 Who can resist a soft towel?
Marley had the towel on the back of the chair.
TBTs nose isn't really as weerd as it looks here...   The camera adds an inch.
He likes to be there cuz he likes to lick TBTs hair.  Marley is weerd.
*I* just want to nap in comfort when TBT is not allowing lap-napping (it does happen sometimes).
Sometimes I wake up and check around.
Gotta know where Ayla is...   I even got up and looked around fer her.
When I got back, look what I found!  Ayla on the new towel spot...
And refusing ta move.  
But it was OK, TBT opened the deck door and we all went outside.