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Tuesday, May 02, 2017

In Memorium

We are delaying our regular post today because Flynn has crossed The Bridge and we want to set aside this day in remembrance.  Flynn (and his brofur Eric) were admired and loved by all.  We loved them both.

When TBT started the blog, there weren't so many cat-blogs as there are today.  Kitties leaving for The Bridge were rare in the early days.  With so many more cat-blogs today, it happens more often.  The departures of all cats means some other kitties and Beins are sad and hurt.  But we are closer to some than others.  And some are such long-time friends that it hits us harder.

Flynn (and his brofur Eric) are among those.  We knew them both so much of OUR lives, and they go back a ways in TBT's life too.  We miss Eric, and now we miss Flynn.  We are sad for his pawrents.

So today we remember our friend Flynn...

Run free, Flynn!