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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Saturday Caturday

AYLA:  It has been raining fer 2 days.  And TBT says it is going to rain again later today.  So when he got up at the normally sleepy hour of 9 am (he says he is still catching up on sleep from early work hours after 11 years of retirement) and saw it wasnt raining, he got up just to let us out.

Iza went out first.
Marley went out next...
 I went out last, but I jumped over Marley and TBT missed the picture.

HURRAY, we are out again!

We all sat out on the deck.  There was so much rain before that there were puddles on the lawn, so we werent going annywhere. 

Then after 30 minnits, it started to rain again, so we all ran back inside.  Oh mouse-droppings!

TBT is building something in the basement.  Maybe it is a boat.  We hope it has a roof...