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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Garden Tour Thursday

Welcome to our Garden Tour!  I have a few new flowers to show.  Our mystery flower is blooming again.  It is the last of some old planting and there is no label.  TBT has looked at it, and it doesnt seem dividable.  So we just enjoy seeing it each late Spring.  Someday it wont show up, so we cherish it while we can.
The meadow flowers are starting to bloom.  This one is nice, and there are 2 pawfuls scattered around.
There are starting to be enough to see together.  Soon, there will be a squillion.  Yeah, there are that many buds ready ta open...
The Hummer/Bee/Butterfly bed is  growing "some stuff".  We dont know what they are, but we are sure they will look very "flowery" in a month or so.  They MUST get flowers, what else would hummers/bees/butterflies want?
The new Astilbe bed is looking good.  They were covered in weeds 2 days ago, but TBT has gotten all those pulled out.  Soon, they will be topped with large bright red flowers.  I look forward to that!
The Baptisia are blooming.  Who doesnt like blue flowers?  There arent many of those.
Well, it looks like things will be colorful here this year. 

Now lets gather in the shade.  Forgive the hot weather; we dint expect it.  It is TOO early fer 90 F days.  And we have some great snacks today.  Shrimps and crunchies!  And to cleanse our tongues, we have Niptinis AND Meowgaritas!  Chickie broth fer kittens, of course, and fer annykitty who prefers that.

Thanks fer coming along on the Garden Tour this week!