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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

In Memorium - Cheysuli

TBT:  I am speaking for the Mews today about Cheysuli.  They all want to say something, but none want to speak for them all.  So I agreed to try to express their and my own thoughts.

We learned late last night that Cheysuli went over The Rainbow Bridge Monday evening.  We are sad.  We know her Beings are much sadder...  That is proper.  Chey was one of many friends to us; but one of one to them.  Our "sad" is their "SAD".

We started our blog after Chey did.  And honestly, we do not remember when we first discovered hers.  But when we did (myself, Skeeter and LC back then) we followed constantly.  I followed it because I love Siamese cats; Skeeter and LC, and later Ayla, Iza, and Marley did because they just liked HER!

We always enjoyed reading what she had to say about her life, and we loved the regular "Find Chey" contests.  We even stayed up some nights waiting for a chance to discover where she was before anyone else did.  Sometimes we succeeded in being first.  Sometimes we were close but had additional information to add.  Sometimes we had no idea where she was, but trying to figure it out was always fun.

We always enjoyed seeing a comment from Chey; she was a sharp-witted kitty, and often original in her thoughts.  We will miss that.  And we will also miss her because we considered her a friend.  Among the many cat-bloggers, she was always among our group of favorites.  It is OK to have some favorites.

We understand the difficulties of end-of-life issues.  Skeeter resisted leaving me; LC left suddenly (to rejoin Skeeter, I think).  Chey's Woman understood that Chey was leaving.  The Male worked to keep her with them.  Both are right things.  Some cats rebound, some don't, and you never know.

But the cat decides.  Chey's Woman and Male have said "the search may begin once more".  I support that.  Empty spaces should be filled, and love is never diminished by more love.  Memories abide in the heart; the mind creates more space for new caring and love.

Ayla says "Farewell, fellow Meezer".  And brings a milk ring to the center of the room.

Iza says "Farewell from a 1/2 Meezer".  And pushes a rattley mouse to the center of the room.

Marley says "Farewell, I did not know you long, but here is a sponge ball".

I say "Farewell Chey, good friend.  Run Free of pain and age"... 

Now, finally, we all know where to "Find Chey" forever...