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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Garden Tour Thursday


Im doin it this week.  You may not think me a Gardening Cat, but I have my sensitive side.  Flowers are good.

And because it is MY tour, Im doin it MY WAY.  Cue the Sinatra song, 15 seconds, CUT!  OK, we're ready...


I have become very fond of our meadow flowers, so I want to show them off proper...  I think they are amazing.  Many combos of colors.  MY kind of flowers!

We are touring the meadow bed today.  There are many blooming.  The far view is nice...
But *I* like the smaller ones...  Cuz they are weerd and lovely both.

I have no idea what they are, but they have to be among the neatest flowers I have ever saw!

Now lets set down up on the shaded deck where it is warm underpaw but not too warm (and near to the house where the foods are) and see what Ayla and Iza have chosen fer snacks.

O.M.C.  - It is mousies!  They have caught 5 just for the snacks!  And iffen ya dont want mousies, there is bacon and ham!  And ta drink, we have Niptinis, Meowgaritas, and Cosmopolihens!

They have outdone themselves this time...

Thank you all fer coming along on our Garden Tour this week!  We love having you visit our yard...