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Friday, May 26, 2017

The Prancing Princess And The Blanket

AYLA:  I dont mention this often, but I am The Prancing Princess.  TBT says I am cuz of the way I double-step down the hallway when he is bringing my meals to eat up on the shoerack or sometimes the high windowsill.  Thats the prancing part.

The Princess part is cuz I find the softest places ta nap.  And I can be demanding about it.  The Very Large Towel on the top of the shoe rack MUST be folded in 1/2 then 1/3rds (and I would prefer 2 of those but 1 is acceptable).

The bedroom chair has a large Winter blankie folded like that too, AND has a cat mat on the top.

But this is the best yet! 
There is a folded blankie at the bottom, a quilted matress pad, a sheet, and THEN a nice bloo blankie on top.  And it is all scrunchied, after some werk on my part  getting it JUST PURRFECT!
TBT calls it The Ayla Nest.