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Thursday, June 08, 2017

Garden Tour Thursday

AYLA:  I have a surprise for this weeks tour.  We are doing it from inside!  I know, that sounds odd, but it is a differnt perspective.

I have the bathroom windowsill as my special spot to look outside from inside.  Today, I am inviting you all to share it.  Dont worry, TBT added a wide shelf on the sill just for today.  And a chair to get up there  for the "less-agile"...

This is where I watch out over the meadow bed.
Looking down, you can see a row of the Stella D'Oro blooming for the first time this year.   They will repeat-bloom several times all Summer.
You can look down and see the Astilbes starting ta bloom.  I like those.  They will bloom ALL Summer.  And they will fill the whole spot with larger flowers soon.
Over next to the Stellas are some tomato plants.  I dont care about them much until they grow pretty big red fruits.  They make TBT happy.  The red plastic around them reflects sunlight and makes them grow better.   And iffen ya look careful, ya will see there is another row of the Stella lilies on the far side.  They border the tomato bed.  Last year, we had big orange Zinnias there were the tomatoes are, but we like ta change things each year.  At the bottom, there are Purple Coneflowers, but they arent blooming yet.
Now, since we are inside, lets have a change of snacks.  TBT has a bowl full of treats and kibbles and will toss then along the floor.  Try ta catch them!  They bounce all weerd and it takes some fast paws to get them.  Marley is especially good at that and will give some suggestions iffen ya want.  Or just go try yer best.

I mean, they DO stop moving eventually, so they are good ta catch then.

Thank you for joining me in our Garden Tour this week!