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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Missed Picture

TBT:  Always keep your camera within reach!  Usually, when I sit down to watch TV in the evening, I make sure to have the camera and all the TV remotes handy.  It's hard to move with a cat on your lap.  Last night, because I had been using the camera to take pictures outside, it wasn't in the usual place and I didn't bother to go get it.

So sad...

Iza, of course, curled up on my lap at once.  But then Ayla hopped up, looked at Iza, and went up to the back of the chair.  Not unusual.  But then she came down, curled up next to Iza, and they actually SNUGGLED together tight as 2 kittens.

And I couldn't take a picture of them!  And it wasn't just 1 picture I missed getting, it was several.  They moved around some.  Sometimes Iza's head was on Ayla, sometimes Ayla's head was on Iza, and sometimes their paws were entwined.

It lasted about 30 minutes until Ayla finally stood up, shook her head, and hopped down.  I have no idea what caused the snuggling.  I hope it happens again sometime soon when I have the camera at hand!