Thursday, June 15, 2017

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:  Well, I'm glad ta be back in command of the Tour! 

Before we start, look out beyond the deck.  There is a bunny out there.  Ya can stalk it iffen ya want, but ya wont catch it.  
Now, before we leave the deck, I have something weerd for ya.  Celery.  
But that's just ta get to the REALLY weerd thing...  
Venus Fly Traps.  Seriously, this PLANT eats BUGS!  Dont get too close...  It might grab a nosie.

This started blooming in our meadow bed.  Some kinna Blanket Flower?
 The Purple Rain Salvia is blooming.  There are fewer each year.  They look kinna hyancinthish.
The Stella D' Oros are doing great.  Been here longer than me and going strong.
The red Astilbes are blooming.  And they are getting the right light/shade cuz they seem very happy.  The flowers will get bigger and redder soon...
Here we have the first Purple Coneflower blooming.  There will be many more.  They are nearly 15 years old now.  
The Daylilies are new, sort of.  They were in various places a few years ago when TBT had a ridge scraped level and saved them.  Then they were in pots he ignored for a year, then planted.  And they are all happily blooming now.  They are tough plants!  There will be other colors later, we hope.
And last, I GOTTA show you the tadpole pond!  They are so neat.  TBT says they will become frogs or toads...   Frogs are yummy; toads not so much.

Thanks fer coming on our Garden Tour this week.  Lets sit in the shade on the deck and watch the birds, skwerls, etc.  And OOH, that rabbit is back.

Fer snacks today, we have some canned sardines, some canned duck, and bacon treats.  We will wash those down with Meowgaritas!  And sit in the shade and gossip about our friends who arent here today.  MOL!  Saying NICE things, of course.