Friday, June 30, 2017

Freaky Friday

MARLEY:  TBT processes our pictures.  Well, it IS too complicated fer US.  And he does weerd things to them.  Cropping, Straightening, Definition, Enhancing, Shrinking, and a few terms I dont even know.  But they come out well enough.

But there was one he liked fer US but he didnt like cuz there was a plant in the picture that wasnt all that healthy, so he tried to get rid of it by using "Retouch".  That one blanks out a spot and blends the colors so it doesn't really show up.  It is meant for  small area (the symbol for retouch is a bandage).

But he did a large area and was shocked at the results!  OK, let me say that the plant is fine, just has a lot of leafs dead after the Winter and Spring being inside the house.  But it was looking ugly and we dont like to show ugly plants.

So he "retouched" a really large area.  Oh the poor software; it didnt know what ta DO with all that emptied space. The original looked something like this one.  See the ugly plant?
But when he deleted the ugly plant with "retouch", it grabbed most of the remaining picture and copied it!
And THEN when he retouched that part a 2nd time, it copied the remaining part of the picture even better!  
Now THERE is an effect your Beins who love artsy stuff can try!  No Photoshop or anything deliberate, just a Freaky Friday accident with innerestin results...