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Thursday, July 06, 2017

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:  Welcome to this week's Garden Tour!  I have neat stuff ta show.  Marley is still practicing leading the tour with me...

We have a new color dayliliy.  Dont nibble it!
A Butterfly Weed is blooming.
Watch out fer the poison ivy!
But best, we have deck flowers!  We werked on them 2 days and they seem happy.  There are flowers.
 These WILL have flowers...
Marigolds and salvia in this one.
The coreopsis bloomed earlier and are starting ta bloom again!
A differnt pot of marigolds and salvia...
And THIS big one is a volunteer from last year.  The pot is weerd.  There is also a basil herb growing there.
The deck gets a bit paw-hot in the full sun, so lets sit down along the carpet TBT put out fer us to protect our toesies!

And what do we have to slake our thirst and snacky desires today?

Ah, Marley has chosen minced ham, chicken crunchies, and Nip-brewed beer!  And OK, there is chickey broth and cream smoothies.  Let us sit on the warm carpet and enjoy watching the birdie TV while enjoying our snacks!