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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:  Well, Marley has decided to sit by the brush and watch for the groundhog, so it will just be US this time! 

We have the daylilies in all colors and patterns.  And I think there is a new one this week!

This one may be new, but my memory isnt all THAT good.   Still, it IS gorgeous.
This one is good too.  I love contrasting colors in flowers.
But I must admit, pure colors are good too...
Bright ones are good.
Solids are good.
And over HERE, the meadow is still blooming.  The yellow ones are fading, but those white Queen Annes Lace are coming along nicely.
There are allus a few new ones.  I would like ta see more of THESE!
There are new ones showing up each week.  We are thrilled.

But now lets take our ease unner the shade of the saucer magnolia.  It is done blooming fer the year, but the shade is good on this hot day and the grass is thick and soft for sitting.  And I bet Ayla an TBT have been hard at werk inside choosing our post-tour refreshments!

And what are they bringing out?  Oh my...  They put cooked shrimpses and NIP leaves into a little blender and made a pate for us.  And to go with that we seem to have (dare I say?) Roasted fishy cubes.  And to drink, turkey broth and cream smoothies... 

Give them some up-paws friends...

Now lets dig in...

And thanks fer coming along on our garden tour this week!!!