Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Wensday Morning 7AM

MARLEY:  Good Morning, Sunshine...

I can hear the soft breathing
Of TBT beside me,
As I lie on my platform
In the early sunlight,
The morning sun on me
Warms up my tummy,
As I ready myself
For the day to begin.
For I know with the smell
Of the stinky goodness breakfast
I must be away and
The day's joys will start!
For a spoonful of Tuna
And a few more of Beef,
I've woken and
And stretched myself awake...
Oh, what have I done,
Why have I done it?
I've gotten up early,
I have broken my rule...
Now I must run down the hallway,
Into the kitchen,
Before Ayla and Iza eat it all
I'll be there.
Then out to the backyard,
Where theyre waiting
The Mousies, Moles,
And Volies will be there,

Waiting for Me find them. 
And when we meet
They won't have
Woes or Cares...