Thursday, July 20, 2017

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:  Welcome to Garden Tour Thursday.  Today is a bit hot, so we are staying on the deck today.  But first, lets roll around on the sunny spot.  TBT put a big pot right next to the deck door cuz it is good ta have some cover when ya first consider going outside.  Ya allus want ta look around first fer Dangers.  Grouchy Groundhogs, Vishus Deer,  Rabid Rabbits, right?

But it is safe, so let's roll around on the sunny mat.
Ahhhhh, yeah, thats good!
See 90F, I told ya it was hot!  But the pot plants love it.  They have grown so suddenly!
Just a few weeks ago, the red Salvias were small and flowerless.  
The Marigolds came 4 per little cheap black pot, so TBT bought 3, took them out of the pots and cut them separate.  So there were 12 and he planted 3 per big new pot with 3 small Salvias between them.   They went CRAZY!
Mr Colossus Marigold is living up to his name.  And he is a volunteer from last year in that pot!  I've told TBT ta remove the other little plants as they seen overwhelmed.  He says he will make 2 more hanging baskets just for them and some petunias he just bought real cheap.  More is good.  Cheap is good.   In fact the petunias were rescues from a local store.  Nearly dead.  But they are flowering again already. 
Hop up on the deck rails.  OK, for you less experienced kitties, the chair nearby lets ya get up easy and the top rails are 8" wide.  I nap on them...  
Each one is a bit differnt.
I'm not sure where this Yellow Zinnia came from.  Mebbe another volunteer.
Now, I think we will go simple on the snacks today.  It's not like we were running around the whole yard, and ya dont want complicated stuff on a hot day annyway.  So today we have some duck pate,  some salmon kibbles ta crunch on, and cool clean water with ice cubes in the bowls ta nose around...

Thank you so much fer comin along on the Garden Tour today!