Tuesday, August 01, 2017


AYLA:  I mentioned yesserday that Im not much of a box kitty.  Im also not much of a lap kitty.  Well I would do THAT more, but Iza is pretty dedicated to TBTs lap and Marley is more demanding of it lately, and they are kinna pushy about it, I dont try too hard.
But sometimes I get the lap.
Well, they outweigh me 23 lbs ta 6.  It hard bein the small one.  But I get a turn sometimes and TBT helps protect me when I get up there.

BTW, I may be small, but I'm long.  This picture really shows that.
I was so nicely relaxed.  I dont tolerate TBT squirming around anny, but he was staying mostly still, so that was good.
 I don't remember some of these pictures, so I guess I was pretty zonked myself.  Thats rare fer me...
Marley was on the Otto-Man.  He really likes that spot.  Mebbe its the funny curly colors of the towel covering it.  Purrsonally, I find patterns like that disturbing.