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Thursday, August 03, 2017

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:  Thanks fer comin along on the Garden Tour this week!  I have LOTS ta show... 

Id like ta start with me and some flowers.  These Black Eyed Susans are doing well.  They wander a bit though.  You never know where they will show up one year ta the next.  *I* think they are looking for the best places.
The new Hummer/Bee/Butterfly bed is finally sending up some nice flowers.  I hope they are good flowers for them.  Not like *I* can tell.
I hope differnt colors and shapes are to their liking...
I think a lot of them are related.  TBT says those little starry shapes in the centers HAVE to mean related flowers.
But I just like the different colors.  
 And I have seen a lot of bees and a few butterflies around them.  We keep the yard mostly organic and have a LOT of differnt flowers and shrubs around to offer food and shelter.  But we might be a oasis in a large suburban desert...
The Fall Mums are starting to bloom.   TBT sheared them a couple months ago, so they are compact and setting buds.
 Here is another patch of Black Eyed Susans.  I dont know how they move around like that.  TBT says it is seeds, but I know he didnt plant seeds in most of the places.  Mebbe birds helped.
Yet another spot of them...
Now lets go up on the deck...  The planter pots are doing really well.  This one is a volunteer from last year.  Its HUGE!  2' tall at least and still growing.  
The deliberately-planted pots are nice too.  I really like this combination of marigolds and salvia.  It almost looks like a floral arrangement.  
 Planter pot #2...
 Planter pot #3
 And the hanging pots are doing OK.  They are kinna random planted from leftovers.  This one has 2 marigolds an a balsam.
This one has 2 salvia an a white zinnia.
This one has volunteers of 2 yellow zinnia and there seems ta be an orange one sneaking up...  We know they are volunteers cuz we dint have any yellow zinnia seeds this year.  The pots just stayed in the basement ignored all Winter and started growing stuff that dint look like weeds this Spring, so TBT just set them outside to see what grew...
Well, since we are all up on the deck, lets just settle there in the warm shade and chat fer a while. 

Meanwhile, Marley says he is doing the snacks today.  I worry about that.  Here it comes with TBT carrying the platter of bowls... 

Oh wow, we have bowls on real bacon diced up.  And some plates of crunchy treats.  Ooh, what is THIS stuff?  It is bowls of thick green?  Lap lap?  OH!  It is cream with LOTS of NIP blended in.  Dont lap up TOO much or you might chase a butterfly right off the edge of the deck!  TBT must have done THAT.  But Marley says it was Aylas suggestion, so it looks like everyone helped today!

Enjoy!  And thanks fer comin on our Garden Tour today!