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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Garden Tour Thursday

AYLA:  Hi, and thanks fer coming along on our Garden Tour today!  We allus love having visitors... 

Im doing the tour today cuz Ive been upset all week.   Just clippy-claws, but I'll explain about that tommorow.
With the rain every few days and sun the others, the flowers in the Hummingbird/Butterfly/Bee Garden have been doing VERY well.
So we will go out there first.  
There aren't many of annykind yet, but TBT and we hope for more next year!
Supposedly, most are self-sowing older varieties of modern hybrids. 
But as you can see there are lots of differnt colors and petals. 
 We havent seen as many of the butterflies and hummers around them, but maybe there arent enough yet.
We have seen many bees, and we think the native kind cuz they don't look like honey or bumble bees.   There ARE lots of those around the yard, but they seem to really like the clover in the lawn best. 
And the butterflies seem addicted to the butterfly bushes.  Well, with a name like that, they SHOULD be!
Most of the flowers seem like zinnias, daisies, or coneflowers.  These little ones seem marigoldish.
We really like this colorful one.  We hope there are LOTS more next year! I think TBT will even try to save some seeds.
This one is really nice too.  I like lavender colors.  They are close to my favrit color (blue).
I like this one too.
We have more of these in the Meadow Garden.  I dont mind a little overlap, but I do think the beds should look different!
Now lets go back up on the deck!  The salvias are loving the new large pots.  Thats just 3 plants.   There are 2 other pots with them, but this one is best right now.
The marigolds are happy too.   TBT mixes his own potting soil each Late Winter in a big trash can.  It is about 1/3 sifted peat moss, 1/3 sifted compost and the rest is vermiculite and perlite.  It works for seed-starting that way.  For planters, he mixes in organic 2-6-6 slow release fertilizer.  The 2 is nitrogen (for leafs) and with the compost, they don't need much more.  The 6s are phosphorus and potassium.  Phosphorus makes strong roots and flowers.  Potassium makes the stems work well and moves nutrients around.  There are micro-nutrients needed and TBT adds some kelp meal and other weird stuff.  Sort of like vitamins in our food, I guess.
 These yellow zinnias are happy in the hangin basket.  They would be bigger but the pot is small.  I think we need bigger hanging baskets next year.  Bigger pots, more flowers.  That is kind of the point of planting flowers, right?
Well, THAT was a LOT of flower-looking for one day!

Lets settle down on the shady part of the deck (or the sunny part iffen you need some solar power recharge) and see what IZA and Marley have made fer us to snack on.

Oh, today seems to be "Piggy Day"!  No, not eat like pigs, "eat pig".  We have separate saucers of little cubes of ham, pulled pork, and minced bacon.  All cooked without the nasty hot spices TBT likes.  He always cuts off a slab of the raw stuff and poaches it just fer our tender palates... 

And what is THIS?  Nip cream smoothies!  And some crunchy salmon treats for a change of tastes.  Well dome Marley and IZA!

Thank you again fer coming on our Garden Tour this week!  We enjoy spending time in our yard with all of you...