Saturday, September 30, 2017

More Foods

We sure allus love when more foods arrive on the doorstep.  This time we have Wellness minced Chicken, minced Turkey, sliced Salmon, and minced Tuna.  And Whole Earth Duck pate and Beef pate.  We like pretty much all flavors except blends and chunks.  We would go all Wellness, but they dont have duck or beef without a lot of other stuff mixed in.

TBT says he thinks shipping is getting worse.  In a race to cut costs, there seems to be less and less padding in the boxes.  The last Petco delivery had only a little on one side of the box (which didnt have any benefit).  Chewy adds a top on the individual cases, but they really need it on the bottom of the box.  We usually get damage on the bottom cans.  Would a single layer of bubble wrap on the bottom cost so much?

TBT has explained this to both shippers but they never change anny...  He says he may have to shop locally again, but Petco and Petsmart dont allus have the stuff he wants and they are usually loose cans.  He says that's a real pain because you can find 8 of one flavor but 60 of another, etc at Petco because they like loose cans.  Petsmart likes whole cases, but half the time they just dont have the ones we like.  Neither shipping nor shopping werks purrfectly.

Its seems there are 3 parts about getting our food.  Selection, availability, and undamaged.  The local stores never have damaged cans, but you never know what is available and there are some flavors we like they just dont carry.  With shipping, there are damaged cans.

Another nice thing TBT does is keep 6 flavors.  We 3 go through 5 cans a day, which keeps our weights purrfectly (Marley 12.5 lbs, Iza 10, and Ayla 6.5).  And that means we start each day with a different flavor. 

We LOVE that!  Not that we exactly recall the previous days first breakfast, but me know it is a differnt one, and that matters.  And we get a variety.  There is a poultry, than a fishy, then a poultry, then a fishy, then a poultry, then a beef.   And the order changes a bit each new pantry refill.

Hey, variety is good and we appreciate the effort...

What is your pantry like?

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:  Oh hi - Im checking some of the pots looking for where all mosquitos have been hatching.  They have been brutal lately.  Cool wet weather in August really got them going!
But iffen we keep moving, they wont bother us.  They like TBT more than us annyway.

The Asters are blooming nicely. 
Actally, there is a whole pink area here briefly.  There are Pink Asters next to Pink Sedum next to Red Asters.  They all sort of flop together.  I keep telling TBT to put up a support for them, but it never gets to the top of his TO DO list.  Oh well, so long as they keep blooming!
The Stella D' Oro Lilies are sending up one last bloom.  That will be the 3rd time this year.  Cant complain about that!
These showed up out of no where.  I think they are native Goldenrods.  We have some cultivated ones But they dont look THIS good.  Leave it to a native plant to find the sunniest place ta grow!
Now, I gotta warn ya.  The wasps seem ta really like them.  So iffen wasps give ya the "willies", ya may want ta stand back a bit.
But iffen ya want ta look, ya will notice that one wasp keeps circling around another.   They are fighting.  The ones on the flowers ignore the flying ones.  Are they (blush) "courting"?

Lets run away and get up on the deck where it is safer! 

TBT arranged the snacks today.  So, there are fresh NIP leafs scatterred all over the deck.  We have so MANY he just cut some stems and stripped all the leafs off to fall where they may.  Meanwhile, we have several crunchy and soft treats from pouches to munch and TURKEY broth ta drink...

Thanks fer coming on the Garden Tour this week!

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Wayback Wensday

Well, we have been bad about taking pictures lately, (blame TBT fer being busy with "projects") so we looked back to last year at this time.  Yay, good pictures of us...  Lots of them from an outdoors day!  We hope you enjoy them, and we will try to get back with new pictures of us real soon.  But tomorrow will be a Garden Tour...

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Toesie Tuesday

TBT:  Well you demanded it, you got it

Toesie Tuesday today is MINE!

Ah, such a plaesure to get those tight shoes OFF!   Marley is a bit disconcerted.  I normally only take my shoes off in the bedroom and in the dark.  You can see why...
Iza is a bit surprized too. Ayla isn't; she knows about my feet.   Ayla is a brave cat!
I suppose I had better pad off to bed now and cover these poor babies up before Marley hands me a weird ring or something..

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Garden Tour On Saturday

We lost track of the camera.  It was in the toolshed.  So we are catching up.  TBT is hopeless sometimes!

But *I* am back in charge, so things will get straited out!  
The old Mums are blooming like crazy.  It's their time of year...  Thats just 2 plants.

TBTs veggie stuff is growing well.  Carrots, lettuce, celery.  Yuck.
Snow peas.  Actually, they are kinna crunchy.  Ive eaten one.  Once.
 The Hummer Garden flowers are still blooming.
The Autumn Joy Sedums are coloring up... They will get dark red soon.  And the asters are falling over them nicely.
 See the sedums closer?
 We don't know what this is, TBT says it is a weed, but we tolerate it.  Its the only place it grows, so well, why not.  Its nice.
 Here's a surprise.  A volunteer melon.  We are placing bets about iffen it ripens.  TBT says it won't.  We think it will.  Not a great bet fer us.  Iffen it ripens, HE will eat it. 

Huh, Oh, he says iffen it doesn't, we get a whole strip of bacon.  OK, thats a better bet.
 It has vines and leafs.  We dont know where it came from.  WE sure dint plant it right on the path...
 See that sky?  It wasnt there 2 weeks ago.  The contrators cut down an old apple tree.  Yay, more sun...
 And they thinned this one.  But we would like it cut down.  TBT says he is working on that.
 There are still some Black Eyed Susans blooming.  This must be the sunniest part of the yard!
 This is a view from the yard to the deck.  Nice change of view.
More of the yard view up...
Oh look, there are Marley and Ayla waiting for us to come up fer snacks! 
What have they got this time?

Uh huh, right, good...

OK, we have minced bacon on turkey bits, some ground cow cooked in fishie oil.  I'm not sure about that.  Oh, sorry, "sardine juice".  Hmmm?  And some fresh-caught NIP leafs in broth.  With crunchies in bowls.    Good, I could use some crunchies.

Thanks fer coming along on our late garden tour! 

Friday, September 22, 2017

Freaky Friday

MARLEY:  I wanted to sleep in the clothes drawer, but IZA was in it.
Well, we nap together on TBTs lap, so maybe I could squeeze in.
No, and she wasnt gonna budge an inch ta make it easier.
 So I had ta give up...
I jumped off.  Now TBT is allus trying ta get a good picture of us jumping down from places.  This WOULD have been a purrfect one.  Sharp picture, no blurries.  But no head either, which lookes FREAKY!
 But it all werked out.  TBT opened another drawer.
And we both slept there ALL might!

Thursday, September 21, 2017


Flatcat (above)...  Flatcat and Friend (below)
Friend, snoozing
Thick socks and bony ankle are a sufficient pillow