Monday, September 04, 2017

Mayhem Monday

IZA:  Does anny other kitty eat BREAD?  A week ago, TBT woke up to find his wrapped bread on the floor, all chewied up!
He was sure it wasn't me cuz I cant jump up to the kitchen counter, and even when the dishwasher door is down (which it usually is), he has never seen me up there. 

Marley will get up there iffen TBT forgets ta put a cover on a half-used can of our food.  Ayla can get up, but doesnt.  So he figured it was Marley.

Now, this is no ordinary bread.  TBT makes it hisself.  He uses beer instead of water, and adds a tablespoon of oregano with a tsp each of garlic powder and onion powder.  Sometimes he even adds red pepper flakes.  He isnt a whole-wheat guy but neither is he a Wonder Bread guy.  When is is invited to family dinners, they always beg him to bring a couple loafs of his bread.

And that isnt just a slice in the picture.  Its a whole half loaf with all the crust chewed off.    So he was both surprised and annoyed, but he had another 1/2 loaf in the freezer (keeps wonderfully, frozen, he says).

He decided it was one of those weerd events in life.  A "one-off".  After all, he has been keeping bread on the counter all our lives here with no problems.

But then it happened to the 2nd half loaf a couple nights ago (he only keeps a half loaf out because he doesn't eat all that much bread and it goes stale after a week).  So he baked a new loaf...

Have I mentioned recently that TBT has me on a D-I-E-T?

Yeah, it was me...  I've lost a 1/2 pound in the past year.  And guess what THAT allows me ta do?  I can "just" jump onto the kitchen counter.  I made the mistake of doing it while he was preparing some food.  I just wanted to watch, but I also pawed at the bread wrapping...

Image result for idea bulb gif
Sudden comprehension struck him...  Hey, he's a Bein, he's a bit slow-witted, I unnerstand that.  I use that ta my advantage whenever possible of course, but sometimes he catches on to things.

But OOPS...  I got whapped off the counter (TBT:  A surprise finger-flip on the flank, Iza, never anything more; you know that), got the whole BAD GIRL speech, and told never to do that again.  I was up again in 10 minutes.

That time, he stared at me fer a few seconds.  One good thing (among many) I will say about him, he accepts the inevitable:  1st, Im hungry.  2nd, I sort of like his bread.  3rd, I'll go get what I can when Im hungry...

The good news is that he accepts situations well.  The great news is that off my D-I-E-T!  The bad news is that he is keeping his bread out of my reach.  Who would have thought the M/V oven could be a storage space?  I have about as much chance of getting into THAT as a woodpecker does of getting into a bank vault. 

I dont think I will be getting at much bread in the future, but I'd rather have canned food annyway.