Friday, September 08, 2017

Comment Friday

We are replying to comments today.  Well, we didn't have anny really weerd pictures for "Freaky Friday", and Friday isnt a theme day other than that, so we voted.  4-1 for comments.  Yes there is only 4 of us here, but TBT also asked the mailperson, and she voted "comments".  TBT voted against because it is complicated, but that's HIS problem...  4-1 wins...

1.  About the plate licking:

Megan said  "Except one of you seems to be hogging the plate. Not to mention names, though, Iza (!!!)."

 She got that right. Iza is a pig for gravy and plates.  It is hard ta get a tongue in edgewise around her.

2.  About the blurry paws:

The Swiss Cats said:  "We tried once to look at our paws through Momo's glasses, and they looked like this, MOL ! Purrs"

Brian said:  "Blurry paws means it is nap time!"

Cara n Crew said:  "Alien kitteh paw!"

 That all makes sense.  Looking through eyeglasses can mess up annything, when you can't make yer paws focus, it is probly time fer bed, and those might be alien paws copied over mine!  (Marley)

3.  The Thursday Squeezing got a lot of good comments:

The Celestial Kitties said "Just remember sweetie, you never really wanted to go under there anyway.."

ATCAD said "Chimera gets under Mommy's chiffarobe,"  We had to look that one up. We learned it was a place for female ladies to place clothes in and we got all embarrassed.  But a neat piece of furniture with drawers to nap in.

Meezer Mews said: "Maybe you need some grease??"  We are pretty sure Iza has enough grease, but it is inside her.  MOL!

4.  Marley Drinking Water:  Lots of comments there too.

Megan said "So, if he doesn't usually drink water, what does he drink instead? Orange juice??"
He gets his water from canned food, but also drinks from the pond outside.

The Swiss Cats said "Did you run out of whisky ? Purrs"
We think he is more a gin and tonic guy.  He sniffs TBTs Gin Buck every night but does not partake.

Mickey's Musing said "He is a sneak drinker is he"
He might be.  TBT sometimes hears lapping when Iza and Ayla is in bed. He might think it is HIS LITTLE SECRET time.

15 and Meowing said "That is funny. Maybe he needs a water fountain."
We have tried those.  Iza likes to knock them over, so that doesn't work here. 

Memories Of Eric And Flynn said "Eric and Flynn always drank a lot of water right from when they were kittens. Their favourite was from the bath tap or rainwater in a big dish outdoors."
Rainwater is good.  We all drink from clean puddles outside.

5.  The Bedtime Parade:

The Island Cats said "That's quite the routine you all have. Too bad there's no photographic evidence of the parade."

We have a little routine here.  We all follow TBT to the bedroom after the midnight meal and he opens the covers for anny of us who want to get covered at once.  THEN he remembers the camera is in the kitchen (where it is "normally" convenient)  and brings it to the bedroom for anny good sleepy pictures.   With it close at paw hand he gets night shots of us sometimes.

The parade is high on his TO GET list.  Of course, we won't cooperate NOW.   Thwarting TBT is a hobby of ours.

Hope you enjoyed our "replies to comments".