Monday, September 18, 2017


IZA:  TBT cooked my rabbit for me yesserday!  He said he had to "clean it up" first, so maybe I should go outside and collect some NIP leaves ta go with it.  That sounded like a great idea!

When I got back in, he already had it cut up and in the stew pot.  I couldnt hold the NIP leafs without eating them though.  But he said he had some dried ones and I watched as he added some.
I watched the pot from down on the floor, but it was boring.  So he suggested I go take a nap.  Which sounded great!

After about an hour, I came back in the kitchen and TBT was already cutting off the meat for me.  After it cooled, he gave some pieces to each of us.

I was a bit surprised though.  I dint know a cooked rabbit would taste so much like chicken.  Well, it was still great and I made sure to remind Marley and Ayla that *I* had caught our meal.  They were properly impressed...