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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Garden Tour On Saturday

We lost track of the camera.  It was in the toolshed.  So we are catching up.  TBT is hopeless sometimes!

But *I* am back in charge, so things will get straited out!  
The old Mums are blooming like crazy.  It's their time of year...  Thats just 2 plants.

TBTs veggie stuff is growing well.  Carrots, lettuce, celery.  Yuck.
Snow peas.  Actually, they are kinna crunchy.  Ive eaten one.  Once.
 The Hummer Garden flowers are still blooming.
The Autumn Joy Sedums are coloring up... They will get dark red soon.  And the asters are falling over them nicely.
 See the sedums closer?
 We don't know what this is, TBT says it is a weed, but we tolerate it.  Its the only place it grows, so well, why not.  Its nice.
 Here's a surprise.  A volunteer melon.  We are placing bets about iffen it ripens.  TBT says it won't.  We think it will.  Not a great bet fer us.  Iffen it ripens, HE will eat it. 

Huh, Oh, he says iffen it doesn't, we get a whole strip of bacon.  OK, thats a better bet.
 It has vines and leafs.  We dont know where it came from.  WE sure dint plant it right on the path...
 See that sky?  It wasnt there 2 weeks ago.  The contrators cut down an old apple tree.  Yay, more sun...
 And they thinned this one.  But we would like it cut down.  TBT says he is working on that.
 There are still some Black Eyed Susans blooming.  This must be the sunniest part of the yard!
 This is a view from the yard to the deck.  Nice change of view.
More of the yard view up...
Oh look, there are Marley and Ayla waiting for us to come up fer snacks! 
What have they got this time?

Uh huh, right, good...

OK, we have minced bacon on turkey bits, some ground cow cooked in fishie oil.  I'm not sure about that.  Oh, sorry, "sardine juice".  Hmmm?  And some fresh-caught NIP leafs in broth.  With crunchies in bowls.    Good, I could use some crunchies.

Thanks fer coming along on our late garden tour!