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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:  Oh hi - Im checking some of the pots looking for where all mosquitos have been hatching.  They have been brutal lately.  Cool wet weather in August really got them going!
But iffen we keep moving, they wont bother us.  They like TBT more than us annyway.

The Asters are blooming nicely. 
Actally, there is a whole pink area here briefly.  There are Pink Asters next to Pink Sedum next to Red Asters.  They all sort of flop together.  I keep telling TBT to put up a support for them, but it never gets to the top of his TO DO list.  Oh well, so long as they keep blooming!
The Stella D' Oro Lilies are sending up one last bloom.  That will be the 3rd time this year.  Cant complain about that!
These showed up out of no where.  I think they are native Goldenrods.  We have some cultivated ones But they dont look THIS good.  Leave it to a native plant to find the sunniest place ta grow!
Now, I gotta warn ya.  The wasps seem ta really like them.  So iffen wasps give ya the "willies", ya may want ta stand back a bit.
But iffen ya want ta look, ya will notice that one wasp keeps circling around another.   They are fighting.  The ones on the flowers ignore the flying ones.  Are they (blush) "courting"?

Lets run away and get up on the deck where it is safer! 

TBT arranged the snacks today.  So, there are fresh NIP leafs scatterred all over the deck.  We have so MANY he just cut some stems and stripped all the leafs off to fall where they may.  Meanwhile, we have several crunchy and soft treats from pouches to munch and TURKEY broth ta drink...

Thanks fer coming on the Garden Tour this week!