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Monday, October 02, 2017

Monday Comment Replies

We have had some comments lately we want to answer.  Whispering...
We discussed them a bit...
From places of comfort.
Many questions lately, and we sit down to answer them...
 Sitting discussing them...

So going backwards...

The Whiskeratti said:  "Maybe TBT can ask the local stores to carry or special order some foods for you."

TBT asked the Petco store guy about that.  He said he doesn't have control about what they send him.  And said "special orders" come to him the same way they come to us.

 Megan asked "As for being the perfect weight: wouldn't some suggest that Iza could slim down to a svelte 8.5 or 9lbs????"

Iza gets desperate under 9.5 lbs.  I got her down to that once and she started eating corncobs, bread, and licking pans on the stove.  10 lbs seems to be her minimum acceptable weight.  And I am wondering why I should care.  If she is happy at 10.5 lbs for her life, should I make her unhappy to get a couple more years?

Summer asked:  "So far my human has found more damaged cans at the pet store than she has had delivered here (of course, she leaves the dented ones on the shelf"

The local Petco Manager  says he removes all cans from the cases to assure that none are dented, and absorbs the cost.  That makes me want to support him.  But his suggestion that I come by each month to place a specific order he will try to fulfill "just for me" seems excessive.  I would have to visit nearly every 2 weeks.  That is a lot more than just having the stuff show up on the front steps once every 6 weeks.

Mr Puddy said:  "Ours are not Goldenrods but Ferns."

We have Japanese painted ferns in our yard spreading from just a few we planted years ago.  They are lovely.  TBT will be dividing them a lot and putting them in a front yard bed in November.  The deer dont eat them.

Katie Isabella said "TBT, please tell me about over wintering Cone Flowers. I just bought a tiny bit with just two blooms because I felt sorry for him. DRY as dust and drooping. So I have him fully water, in a sun place. Shall I keep him in a pot for winter or trey to dig a hole in this concrete-like ground?"

 We had to discuss this among ourselfs.  We decided that the best idea was to soak the pot in a bowl until it is entirely watered and then remove it to drain.  Then do the bowl thing every few days  until it goes dormant outside, then pull the little Coneflower out of the pot, dip it into a large bowl of water to loosen some of the bad soil away and then set it into a slightly larger pot with standard potting soil, and keep it it in a Eastern or Western window overwinter.  Not very wet but not very dry either.  A finger an inch deep should detect moisture but not be wet.  Next Spring, after last frost, set it outside in a sunny spot.  Hope that helps.

Patzys Place said "Great pics but we are laughing about the duct tape holding the planter together. You guys are not rednecks are you? Haha just kidding. Duct tape is essential to life as we know it. Right?"

We are center-left Progressives.  Duct tape is great, but it was a last resort.  The bottoms of those pots all split open after several years. We tried to cement the split parts together.  But no cement we tried worked.    Resin cement didn't work, epoxy didn't work.  Rubber contact cement didn't work.  Our idea now is to get a 12" wide board and cut 8" circles in it for the bowl parts to sit in.  Throw the support stands away.  Or drill 3 holes around the top lips and turn the upper parts into hanging planters.


The hobbit feet got a lot of attention. The "retouch" feature in Preview helped a lot blending them onto my legs..  Spooked the Mews a bit though when I wore them.  Iza cared least; Marley hated them.  Ayla watched carefully, then decided there was no threat.