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Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Troublesome Tuesday

TBT here:  I am becoming worried about Iza.  She has been A GOOD KITTY all her 9 years  But she has been changing recently.  None of the Mews get up on the kitchen counters.  Iza suddenly has.  It doesn't even bother her if I tell her "NO" and set her down.

She has become a bread-eater, and that doesn't make sense for a cat.  I have started keeping the bread in the M/W.  Now she goes up looking to lick grease from pans, food from cans in the recycle box, food from capped cans.

I have quit trying to manage her weight.  Fine, let her go up to 12 pounds if she wants.  But it doesn't seem to matter.  If I give her as much food as she wants, she throws it up.  I have resorted to feeding here 6 times per day.  I know to the small spoonful how much she can eat before tossing it.

I check her weight every couple days.  She stays at 10+ pounds.  The vet says she has no parasites or any problem he can find.

She has started pooping outside the litter boxes.  4 clean litterboxes for 3 cats.  She drinks a LOT of water.

When a feeding of the Mews results in some leftover in the can, I put a cover on it, knowing I will give them the rest of it in an hour.

Tonight, she outdid herself.  I put the covered can under my heavy cutting board.  While I was cleaning the litterboxes in the basement, she pulled the can out from under the cutting board.  It took some work.  She actually hauled the heavy cutting board  almost off the counter pulling the can out from under it.  The can was on the floor, licked clean,

This is NOT a "cute cat thing".  Something is wrong, the vet can't find any problem, and I can't see a feline psychological problem.

She sleeps happily with me at night, purrs on my lap, and seems otherwise to enjoy life.  It seems to have all started when she discovered she could jump to the countertops...

One thing I have noticed the past year is that when she sleeps on my lap she has dreamy twitches like she is chasing something in her sleep.  I can't think of any changes in the house that would be upsetting her.  She is just normal around Marley and Ayla.  Nothing odd there.

Any suggestions?