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Monday, October 09, 2017

Monday Comment Replies

More replies to comments...

1.  Spitty said "Don't worry, Ayla dear. Iza's not home to annoy you today [Sunday]Oh, and Lambie? I has jars and jars of the Gerber's. Chick-hen AND beefies. Take your choice--or I can open BOTH of them. XOXOXO"

Ayla replies:  Thank you Spitty.  Iza returned at dinnertime, unusually calm.  I credit her visit to you.  And the Gerbers.  But she won't tell me ANYTHING!  Sisters are supposed to tell "all".  Hmpff!

2.  Patzys Place said: "Ayla, you are looking especially beautiful today up there. You look like a cat show queen whether your eyes are open or not!

We was also noticing TBT’s book selections. He looks like a smart and well rounded dude with a lot of reference type books on that shelf. We wonder if he ever reads any fiction or sci-fi?

Ayla replies:  Thank you.  I AM the Princess here and a regal pose is "de rigueur".  As to the books, TBT keeps the special stuff in the living room bookcases.  In the computer room, there are 3 more bookcases with about 60 shelf feet double stacked of sci-fi and fantasy books.  Mostly paperbacks, but some first edition hard books.  He actually re-reads a lot of them, so he CLAIMS it isn't just hoarding.  Oh, and he just mentioned to me that some are even "Ace Doubles" he bought 50+ years ago a dime each "used".

But he doesn't read anything called modern fiction.  Too real about weird Beins.   He says the news is bad enough...

3.  Pilch92 said:  "You do look regal up there. TBT needs to put a blankie up there for you.

Ayla replies:  OMC, I never even thought to ask for that.  But now that you suggest it, I will.  A large bloo towel, folded up several times will do nicely.  A Princess MUST have "Royal Bloo".

4.  Megan said:  "Yes - he's got IZA on his mind and I'm sure that he has been distracted by his concern about what might be causing her behaviour. I do hope that it's resolved soon". 

Iza replies:  It is always good for TBT to have me in mind, but a vet visit makes me upset.  I didn't MEAN to fart right under his nose.  It just sort of came out.  I mean, it WAS right after dinner and you KNOW what they say about turkey...

What?  Oh, TBT says it wasn't that.  OK, I'm sorry I gnawed on the corn cob and threw it up all over the bed.  It wasn't THAT either?  You mean I can do those things?  Oh, not, OK.  

ACK, he is gonna drag me to the stabby place again, isnt he!  HELP!