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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Wayback Wensday

And this is REALLY way back - this week 2009!  It was LC, Ayla, and Iza then.

LC was napping.  She was 16 after all, and napping was a big part of her day...
Iza was doing her favorite pose.  Tummy up and back paws of a wall...
Ayla had gotten a bird into the house and was very proud.  Look at all those claws out!  

But to be fair, LC caught it originally and let Ayla play with it.  LC was kind about stuff like that.  She missed Skeeter and was still curious about Ayla and Iza.  I sometimes think she was so used to Skeeter being the one she looked up to as Big Brother, that having younger cats around was a little confusing.

She may have enjoyed watching them play with the few birds, some frogs, and many voles she brought up to the deck and watched over until Ayla or Iza found them.  She never seemed to mind them taking the prey and tossing them around.

Maybe she knew she was teaching them; maybe not.  Maybe she just liked their enthusiasm.  Maybe she was bringing them to me for praise (and I always did) and was annoying the "kits" took them away.  It is probably as hard for us to understand their thoughts as for them to understand ours...