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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Thursday Garden Tour

IZA:  Oh hi, I'm relaxin on the deck.
 Sun on the carpet is wunnerful.
But I have a tour to manage...  Ok, getting up.
First, we have the colossal marigold still doing fine.  TBT saved a lot of seed heads to see if they will grow next year.
The Mums are doing well.  They were all "clearance" a month ago.  Actually, they are spread around the deck, but TBT brought them all together fer the picture.
The Salvias are still blooming.  Ya might see some butterflies around migrating south.  Try not ta bat them.   I know, I know, it is hard ta resist. 
The Endive lettuce is doing great!   TBT snips off a whole plant each evening ta add to his (yuccky) salads, but they just keep growing back.
The Autumn Joy Sedums are about as red as they can be.  I love those things.  Nothin bothers them.  Ans I think they can be divided and multipled this year.
 The meadow flowers are nearly done, but a few are still blooming.  When the flowers dry, TBT will shake all the seeds loose in a BIG bowl, and then scaterr them around the bed.  I hope some will bloom again next year!  The more the merrier...
I think, iffen TBT does it right, next year will have more flowers than this year.  More is better, right?  Like treats.
A twofer!
But most are fading.  These are the last blooms of these.  
 Blanket flowers, I think.    We can use more of these.  They're gorgeous!
The old mums in the veggie garden are gone for the year.  They were super orange!  I've advised TBT to move them and the ones on the deck to real dirt in the flowerbed.  They all need more space to  prosper and thrive.  Wait, didn't I hear that on the TV recently?
Well,  that was more that I expected to find at this late date.

So let's go back up to the deck and see what Ayla and Marley have gooteen fer our snacks...

OMC, we have STEAK!  Rare too.  It looks shaved thin and chopped fer easy eating.  And GRAVY?  They have outdone themselves this time.  Fer drinks, it seems we have plain water for anny kitts, crushed NIP leaves in chickie broth AND cream fer adults.  Be still my beating heart!

Thank you all for coming along on our Garden Tour.