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Thursday, November 02, 2017

New Towels

IZA AND MARLEY:  Speaking of new towels (from yesserday), TBT brought home 2 new BIG BLOO Towels fer us!  And we both got on them fast.  Nothing better than new bloo towels.  They show us off GOOD!

Lots of pictures...
 This a GREAT spot fer looking outside in complete comfort!
And looking around inside.
The upper shelf is good...
In the evening too.  I really like this spot.
Marley liked it too.
Curled right up...
But also just sat ready to hear "dinnertime".
But it is MY favrit spot.
 Upper too.
 THere is just something about bloo towels I love.  Ayla too, but she has her own in the bedroom.