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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Easy Like Sunday

AYLA: I usually take my meals in the bedroom.  But I wasnt hungry at 1st Lunch, so I just let the bowl sit there.  Marley and Iza WERE hungry and wanted mine.  But TBT was standing right there AND the bowl was real close to me...  So they werent sure what ta do.
So TBT decided ta move the bowl a few toesies at a time ta see how far away from me the bowl had ta be before Marley would go for it.  Well, it had ta be moved THIS far...
And ta keep the peace, he let Marley eat half of it and then gave the rest to Iza.
Which was all OK with me, I was being EASY about it.  Though I WILL make sure ta remind both of them soon that I gave them some of MY food...  I should be able ta get SOMETHING fer that.