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Monday, November 20, 2017

Mancat Monday Flashback

MARLEY:   It was Feb 2011.  I was new here, and still a kitten.  I had very seen an empty tissue box before.
There was an opening I could reach into.
So I did.  Just ta see if there was annything inside.
There wasnt, but it was fun checking.
 In fact, though I dint know it then, I was learning to mousie-hunt!
It just came "natural"...
Until I pushed my head in!
 And got STUCK!!!
Between my head, my collar, and my elbow in the opening, I couldnt get out and flopped all around.
TBT stopped taking pictures and got me free.  Instead of takig a chance rubbing my face, he just easily ripped it apart so that there just wasnt anny tight opening annymore.