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Saturday, November 25, 2017


TBT has been failing us lately.  Oh we get fed, have clean litterboxes, get outside, get toys tossed around, and have laptime in the evening and cuddles on the bed at night.  But he has been REALLY slack about computer time.

We apologize for HIM about that.  But we kinna unnerstand.  He has been workin real hard outside to get things done before the REALLY cold weather hits.  He spends a lot of time outside in the daylight and comes in all weak and tired.

By the time he feeds US (ALLUS THE MOST IMPAWTANT THING) and makes his own dinner, and eats it and watches some news or science stuff, he is ready ta crawl into bed.

Not that WE mind that in the least.  We think most Bein problems are that they dont sleep enough.  But it means we havent been visiting or posting like usual, and we are complaining to him about that.

He has agreed to try to make some changes to get "back to usual order".

And we said he better or WE are gonna get bitey and start pushing things off tables..