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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Garden Tour Thursday

I thought we were done with plants and such fer the year, but I keep finding surprises around the house.   So lets have another tour!

The Venus Fly Traps arent tropical, but we are just a little too cold here for them to stay outside.  And there arent ezactly lots of flies around in Winter annyway, right?  So they need to go dormant when it is cold.  TBT read up on how they like to spend the Winter and there was a lot of conflicting information; evrything from bsgging them up in a refrigerator to burying them outside under a bale of hay.  But he decided to be a bit standard about it.

The garage is IN our basement, and gets cold enough (45-50F) for them to stay dormant.  But they still like SOME light (fer reasons I WONT bother you with (unless ya ask).  

So TBT added a small unner-cabinet light unner a garage shelf he cleared for them.  Its on a timer set to 9 hours so they THINK they are in their natural North Carolina home (and he will adjust that as Spring approaches). 
The traps are dying back, as is natural.  There are base leaves at the bottom that stay green.  I must say, TBT is REALLY getting into these insect-eating plants.  He may try other kinds next year and even make a bog garden of them. 

That stalk in the center is a FLOWER!  We will have to wait to see it...
We also have a lot more Snake Plants.  All these came from one overgrown 12" pot.  I watched him hack chunks of roots apart (I watch him all the time when I can).  They were all tangled with thick roots so there was no separating them.  It has been 2 weeks, and they seem to be doing OK.  I'll know better in a moonth...
This is a Nandina.  Also called "false bamboo" .  It grows about 4' high, is evergreen, and grows tons of red berry/seeds.  The birds dont like to eat them much (they are still there in Spring), but they are very pretty.  Deer dont like them either, so TBT wants to grow more.  So, as an experiment, TBT just pulled up one seedling and potted it to see if it survives.   Its been a week and the leafs arent falling off, so that is good.
The cuttings of the Waxy Hoya plant seem to be surviving after a month.  But they have thick leaves and roots, so we cant tell if they are just "surviving" or actally rooting.  If they live, good.  If not, I think it was worth a try.
It is a bit late, but iffen anykitty wants to come by an look at the plants with me, you are welcome.

We have H-A-A-A-M...