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Monday, December 18, 2017

Holiday Tree

We have a Holiday Tree.  It has been a few years, and this one is REAL small.  TBT separated our cat trees and put it on a small table between them.  We aren't sure quite what to make of it. 

I sometimes eat a late meal up on the cat tree (just for a change of spot from the bathroom windowsill and the shoe rack) .  It was an odd change to see a tiny tree below me, but it didnt stop me from eating there.  I was hungry.
I DID kinna snicker-meow at it.
The Thing At The Top  looks innerestin.  THAT wont last long.  A little push an the whole tree will Fall Right Over.  Where's the challenge in THAT?
Marley came up to lick the bowl  and ignored the tree utterly.
TBT says we should make sure to not knock it over, as our "flats" are guarding it.  Yeah, right!  Oh, BTW, that stocking on the table is TBTs childhood stocking.  He says it turned up in a box of stuff his Sister found at their parents place.  The other side has a nieces name on it, so it got used plenty.
We have decided we will just ignore the whole thing...  TBT can do better than THIS!